Is Private Labeling Right for You?
Private Label also known as "phantom brands", is a service that offers a manufacturers standard product with your Brand/Label added to the packaging.

This service is usually only suitable to part time style businesses that sell online or at local markets etc. It should not be considered as a viable option for any business that is planning to be a serious player in the local and/or overseas market place as most re-sellers will not accept a product that is not unique to the brand. Your business will also be at risk as it will have no control over the product ingredients which could change without notice or a manufacturer may even simply decide to discontinue a product your business relies upon and of course what if the manufacturer goes out of business? Also ask yourself if you feel comfortable selling a product that could be the same as hundreds of other businesses and would you need to effectively mislead the customer to make your business stand out in the crowd?

Is a Private Labeling Business Cheaper to Start Up?
Most tend to be concerned about the initial start up costs and therefore see Private Labeling as a more cost effective way to start a new business or value add to an existing one. Generally this is true as manufacturers tend to have minimum production runs of between 300Kg to 500Kg plus the formulation cost. This is another area where YNP has been disruptive in the industry; we've heavily reduced the Minimum Order Quantity to such a low point, it eliminates the significant investment demanded by traditional manufacturers. This along with our low formulation fees means that in most instances it's actually comparable in investment level to have your own unique product range as compared to Private Labeling.

So Which Service Does YNP Offer?
As you've probably worked out by now, YNP does not offer a Private Label service. This is mainly due to there only being a small cost difference (if any) between the two service types yet the formulation service offers much lower risk to you and your business.

And finally, the psychological effect on a business owner with the knowledge that they are offering a unique product range that they've actually helped to create is one of pride and confidence. This will reflect onto your customers creating a positive effect towards their buying decision.




Private Label or Fromulation