YOUR Natural Products is a turnkey solution for your new or existing business.

Unlike other contract manufacturers, we not only produce Your Natural Products, we can provide every aspect from formulation to manufacturing to branding to marketing and even full business strategies. This ensures your business has lower risk and a higher chance of succeeding.

Product Development – Your Formula or Ours

We can provide everything in-house including manufacturing, packaging, filling, labelling and photography. This along with the LOWEST minimum quantities of any contract manufacturer in Australia, means you can test your market and even refine your product before risking large sums of money. We work closely with you to ensure your product matches your vision and your customers expectations.

Business Consulting - Product Evaluation, Branding & Marketing

Again everything is handled in-house with strategic business consulting to evaluate your ideas before moving to production. We can even innovate your idea to give you a point of difference within your chosen target market. Our consultancy can take you through the whole process including product naming, brand development, website design & build, social media and marketing plan. Our business advice is based on many years of experience within this industry and just like you, we have created our own products and brands for local and international markets.

We understand that most new businesses are started with minimal funding and here lies the first critical mistake. Due to the lack of funding, most will turn to the cheapest service provider for design, branding, website etc. Or even attempt to do these things themselves. Unfortunately it's a false economy. Whilst you might have saved money, 90% of the time this work is misdirected and has no targeted appeal to your customer. Your name and brand communicate who you are and what you have to offer, if your customer can't identify with you they simply won't buy. 

New to Business?

There is no doubt we can provide you with a product range for a very cost effective price and low initial quantities, so if you intend to begin part time from home then you're in a great position to start now.
If you've decided to go full time and build a business that will provide a high income and envious lifestyle, please do not underestimate the time and costs it may take to get your new venture to this level of profitability. If you're unsure please contact us and we'll be happy to provide some advice free of charge.

Our Customers

We provide unique hair, skin and body care products to businesses throughout Australia and around the world including USA, Asia, UK, Russia, Kuwait and New Zealand. So when it comes to logistics, we understand the local market and international export requirements.


We understand the need for ethical business practices and the need for full confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information. We're happy to sign a confidentiality agreement before we begin to ensure that what we discuss, stays between us.   

Ready to Begin?

No matter which stage you're at, just curious or ready to go! We're happy to discuss your options and how we can help make your ideas come to life. Its just a simple phone call away with no obligation or cost. Feel free to call us anytime during normal business hours on (07) 3041 1388 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





Success with YOUR Natural Products