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There's many opportunities in Australia to engage a Contract Manufacturer to produce products for your new or existing business. Once they deliver the rest is up to you -  the reality is they're are not concerned whether you succeed or not.
At YOUR Natural Products, we offer additional business services to help you succeed and lower your risk. We not only offer a product line for re-sale, we also offer full product innovation from concept to commercialisation to market. 
We specialise in all natural products for the skin care, body care hair care and aromatherapy markets for women, men and children (baby +), using the highest quality ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world. We also offer market variations like Organic or Vegan product ranges.


It's highly competitive out there and even with a ground-breaking product, do you know how to get it to market? With over 15 years experience in all aspects of business, our internal strategist has developed products and brands that are sold around the globe. We can take you from evaluating and refining your idea to full commercialisation and market ready. This reduces your risk by having a business that is ready to trade from day one with all marketing in place to engage your customers and support your sales.


We only produce YOUR Natural Products with 100% natural ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world.


We currently manufacture natural products for businesses both here in Australia and around the world. So if you are located in another country and are seeking Australian Made quality products, we can assist you.

Natural Contract Manufacturing


Your Product - Your Brand
If you already have a formulation we can manufacture from start to finish and deliver your product on time.

Unique Formulation - Your Brand
Have an idea? We'll sit down with you and create a product to suit your application and target market.

Private Label
YNP does not offer private labeling services - Click to Find Out Why.

Your Start-up
If this is your first time in business or you'd like another one, we can take you right through the start-up stage and beyond. Once we identify the market you'd like to enter, we'll develop a range of unique products just for you. Then we'll create the name and design your brand along with everything you need to start including marketing collateral, ecommerce website and social media. 

Product Innovation
Whether you have an existing product range or found one you like, we can innovate either one to give you a unique point of difference in the market place.

Business Consulting
At any stage from start-up to growing your existing business, we can offer you professional advice that includes opportunity/financial evaluation, local & international distribution channels, branding, marketing, sales strategies and more. We can also produce your targeted online presence with an ecommerce website and social media design.